Role of Fate

Tier 2 -- "Sovereign"

- 1000 Fabrinium
- (1) 100 Card Cache (Bountiful) w/ Guaranteed Foiled (Exalted) or above.
- Dynamic rarity set of monthly "featured card"
- Free "Official ROF Sponsored" Tournament Entry (Full Team)
- Free "Player vs Creator" Event Entry (Full Team)
- (1) Entry per month of active subscription - Annual Giveaway (T2 / T1)
- Name entry into "Official Campaign" party slot
- (3) Random promo / month (1 foiled) **
- Notable mention on the website "Thank You" page
- Tier respective Discord Title and badge - "Sovereign"


[1 Event Boss Themed Playmat / year] (autographed upon request) Exclusive Access to "Content & Development" Discord channel -- Subject to NDA

- Subscriptions will NOT be refunded under any circumstance due to Fabrinium payout upon completion. (Only applies to Subscriptions that provide Fabrinium)
- Some Subscription rewards at higher tiers may require a full year of commitment. (Cancellation of Subscription prior to full year commitment may nullify eligibility for specific rewards, unless subscription is re-established by the next billing cycle)
- Promo Rewards have exemptions. Pre-Release promos are not included in Random Promo rewards. All other promos issued by"Role of Fate" for Official Sponsored events ARE included.
- Fabrinium is being awarded and tracked during Pre-release. All physical rewards for each respective tier will begin being awarded AFTER Official Release. (Currently Set for Q3-Q4 2023)
- Fabrinium will be tracked through discord, please add your discord tag to the order notes.