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Disclaimer: While Fabrinium will be a digital currency, Fabrinium exchange between players for any goods or services outside of the scope official "Role of Fate" functions is strictly prohibited. Reports of misuse will result in investigative efforts; which if founded could result in Fabrinium removal, account suspensions or permanent bans.

What is Fabrinium?

Fabrinium is a global currency used within "Role of Fate". Fabrinium will have many uses including; but not limited to

- Bartering between players
- Substitution to cover lore event and tournament entry fees (may be used in lieu of paying outright for an entry fee)
- Used for "procurement" of goods from "Nabbit, the Grandmaster Thief"*
- May be used to redeem merchandise from the "Official Role of Fate" webstore which will include some "Limited Time" offers**
- May be used/traded/assisted for current "Official Campaign" party players
- Unique Crafting System (when implemented)


* - Nabbit is a developer controlled character who will appear on the Website / Discord / Social Media outlets from time to time, offering goods he has obtained. Nabbit will operate in a "first come, first serve" manner, and because his goods are limited in quantity - first to offer his requirements will claim the right to buy the item.

A Note From Nabbit: My goods are always guaranteed to be of top quality; however, Nabbit is strictly business - and he never discloses how he obtains his wares!

** - This feature will be added to the website at a later date. However, the goods may still appear on the website before Fabrinium implementation to the website. Players can simply email support, and the Fabrinium will be removed from their account with an emailed Fabrinium purchase receipt. Item will be mailed to the address on file with no shipping costs associated.

How is Fabrinium Obtained?

  • Fabrinium is typically obtained from: Monthly Subscription rewards, bartering between players and as prize rewards from tournaments & events.

While Fabrinium is typically obtained from the methods above, additional ways may present themselves throughout "The Convergence". Promotional events, rewards and giveaways to name a few. Lastly, a note from myself as a developer. I want the community of Role of Fate to help shape the way the game unfolds and the economy at large. So seeing players utilize Fabrinium as a reward for playing a campaign they have created, or even charging Fabrinium to run a campaign, while offering different rewards for completing them such as; loot cards, rares, etc. I am personally looking forward to things of this nature.

How is Fabrinium Tracked and Traded?

  • Fabrinium is currently going to be tracked and traded through our official discord server. Players should be able to utilize commands, that will be posted in the official discord, to send Fabrinium to other players inside of one of a few "trade" channels. Due to the nature of trading these channels will have restrictions for "deleting" messages, among others - to help deter scammers and additional foul intentions of exploiting the system. In the grand picture, players can always as for a support moderator to accept a "screen share" to assist in investigative measures, if necessary.

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