A Word from the Developer

After months of sitting in the labor and delivery department, anxiously awaiting the safe arrival of our first daughter, we fought to stave our minds off from wandering to worst case scenarios. Hours bled into days and weeks. Eventually, I made the decision to be hopeful and start planning for the future. I wanted something to share with my daughter; something to share in a community; and ultimately, something to share with the world.

 As I sat in the hospital, I decided to revisit a 20 year old idea for a unique RPG card-based player game. I like card games. I like RPG games. I like tabletop games. Why not combine elements from each into one? And so started the journey to create Role of Fate.

Role of Fate is a one-of-a-kind, community-centered experience. Unlike other RPG card-based player games, Role of Fate features “unique” cards. These uniques add the opportunity for battle to flip on its head. As does the ability to form a four-man team dynamic. As only one of each unique card is available, this serves to radically change a battle, leaving it up to the player’s strategic prowess to overcome.

Skill and the ability to think on your feet to strategize around your opponent’s unique card if played during battle, is at the core of Role of Fate. Though uniques serve to shake up a round, the game still maintains balance as uniques are not necessarily guaranteed; Role of Fate has a built in equilibrium as all cards, even uniques, will be subject to vulnerabilities.

Additionally, Role of Fate features a living, breathing world. Aspects of the game impact the community as whole. Developer events and official campaigns can affect card availability, the lore and the trajectory of future events. Due to the availability of all cards to be utilized by all Roles (classes) (i.e. cards don’t have Role restrictions), it leaves a very open dynamic in which Meta’s will be virtually nonexistent. Strategy, skill, and teamwork are the hallmarks of Role of Fate.

I’ve been an avid gamer since birth; I’ve seen a shift from community based playership to a chase for the top Meta rather than having fun. Let’s go back to having fun. Games used to be all about fun; as they should be. Whether you’re playing in person or with your buds from halfway across the world – grab your energy drink, grab a snack, and let’s Role!

For my girls, for my family, for my community and for all the gamers who share my love of games. I hope you enjoy Role of Fate!

-Zane "The Weaver" Morris